PewDiePie to Appear on Stephen Colbert's Late Night Show

PewDiePie, famous on YouTube, will soon be chatting with Stephen Colbert, famous on Television, on his Late Night Show. The appearance is said to...
By GameOverViper, Published: Sep 27, 2015 | Updated: Jan 19, 2016 | | |
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  1. We've learned that PewDiePie will be a guest-star on the Late Night Show with Steven Colbert on Friday, October 2nd. The show will kickoff at around 11:35pm.

    If you're viewing in the UK, you may have trouble tuning in due to the time difference, but I'm sure you'll be able to catch clips of the show on YouTube the next day.

    The appearance will consist of an interview and a mysterious "demo". Its rumored that we could see a demonstartion of PewDiePie's new mobile adventure, Legend Of The Brofist or he could even be demonstrating the new YouTube Gaming app. What the demo exactly is, has yet to be announced. We'll just have to tune in to see what he has to show off.

    Will you be tuning in to watch the Late Night Show to see our famous bro on Television?

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  1. Snowix The Snowman
  2. HaZeeHD
    I did not know about this
  3. TheAnimeKid
    Pewdiepie got so big man.
  4. PantaloonsINC
    While I would like to get YouTube famous I bet his level is ridiculously stressful.
  5. STAntics Arcade
    Hopefully they'll take him seriously this time! The media have been giving him a lot of slack as a representative for the YouTube Gaming community. I'm not a huge fan of PewDiePie, but he still has larger following than some major TV shows and is still an advocate for this community. Let's just hope he does it justice.
    1. GameOverViper
      Its hard for people to take him serious when you first watch one of his videos.
      GameOverViper, Sep 28, 2015
  6. Sentenza Gaming
    I'll watch it for sure!! Legend Of The Brofist was made by a small studio here in Montreal, Canada.

    I want to see what he have to say about it. He will probably talk about this game even if it's not the mysterious ''demo''
  7. TheGrimPhreaker
    No, because quite frankly, I'm a little sick of PewDiePie
  8. Aurian MoonRose
    Of course i will, it's been being a huge step into Youtubers, especially gamers who do them have really begin to become popular. This may be the start of a new era for online and gamers... maybe. Will have to wait and see.