PewDiePie Evicted From His Apartment / Studio

Its not really a surprise that the YouTube creator PewDiePie was recently evicted from his apartment, aka his Studio.
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    While it's not much of a surprise to learn that PewDiePie was recently mailed eviction papers due to a noise complaint in his apartment that also happens to be his recording studio.

    Wait!? PewDiePie rents an apartment? Why doesn't he just buy the place and evict the landlord? Not everyone spends big money when they are rich and according to PewDiePie its hard to find homes around his location.

    In his recent video he shows us his studio and the living space that he uses to record some other videos during the day. Around 1:30PM is the time that he supposedly recorded some content in a non-sound proof room, where he was so loud that the landlord himself came knocking at the door. Only, PewDiePie and his crew didn't know it was the landlord at the door. Some words were exchanged and the door was slammed.

    PewDiePie was later sent an eviction letter telling him he had until a certain date to get out of the apartment. A day later, he received the noise complaint. Supposedly this is the first noise complaint that he's ever received at this residence. Which is actually an achievement if you know what happens in most of his videos. So it might be safe to say that the sound proof room is really sound proof. That or the neighbors and landlord just put up with his loud noises and finally decided to say something.

    PewDiePie has already found another place and started packing, as you can see in the video below. However, he is definitely not happy with the situation as it took him a good amount of time to put all that foam acoustic panels on the walls and ceiling of his studio room.

    “If you’re gonna be a landlord in Brighton, the gay capital of UK, maybe try not be a fuckin’ prejudiced piece of shit, how bout that?” Pewdiepie joked. “I could buy this house, I don’t fucking need you.”


    “Landlord, fuck you,” Pewdiepie said. “Luckily for us, it’s really easy to move. It’s not a problem. We have the resources, and we can just do it. I imagine for another normal person this would throw them out on the streets.”

    Actually, Pewdiepie already has another office lined up, where he predicts “so much shitty content is going to be made here.”

    “Hopefully we can yell as much as we want.”

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  1. myviewtop10
  2. KIWI
  3. Spathulata
    Its kind of obvious that some time this wold happen cause how loud he is
    Oh yeah wow, that's insane lol
  5. ItsZazzo
    Holy shit :D
  6. Stormphraxx
    I think all that money is finally going to his head...
  7. CD3
    Well s**t Pewds lol
  8. Black Beard the Gamer
    My favorite part is that he says, "I can f'ing buy this place. I don't need you."
  9. MultiGingerface
    Wow he has handled that badly, the landlord probably had complaints from the other flats its isn't his fault. What an wanker as we say in the uk.
  10. Rocket Ninja
    I can understand that it's frustrating, but the way he handles it is so immature that it baffles me?