PewDiePie Announces New YouTube Team RevelMode

Pewdiepie recruits a team of famous YouTube creators to bring you original shows, games, charitable programs, community events, merchandise and more.
By GameOverViper, Published: Jan 14, 2016 | Updated: Jan 19, 2016 | | |
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  1. It sounds like a team of superheroes from the Avengers, but for YouTube channels.

    PewDiePie and a lineup of popular YouTube creators created a new network, under Maker Studios, called Revelmode. Filling it with already well known channels like Cinnamon Toast Ken, Cutiepiemarzia, Dodger, Emmablackery, Jacksepticeye, Jelly,
    Kwebbelkop, Markiplier and obviously Pewdiepie himself.

    He mentions in the video that he's always wanted to do something like this and that right now the group will stay small to allow it to function the way that its planned.

    The channel description says that "Revelmode focuses on creating original premium content, game development, philanthropy, commercial partnerships, and merchandise for fans and future creators."

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  1. AlexTuber
    Hello) this is so informative post and help full for me great job thanks for share this information. Now I will share useful information
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  2. Jack Putin
    I thought he was kidnapped lol
  3. Tearierboot
    but do they pick channel to join them?
  4. JRich_
    Pewdiepie is one Crazy MF
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  5. thiv
    i love him! i hope i can be cool like him lol
    my youtube channel is Thiv
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  6. Graveyard Jim
    I hope it works out.
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  7. ZioPixelYT
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  8. Sentenza Gaming
    Hopefully Pewdiepie and his crew will join the Movember movement.
    If it's for charity, I totally agree.
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  9. Rooster
    Sounds interesting, but we shall see where it takes these youtubers. Hopefully it does ruin what they have already established
    1. King Dippy
      Does ruin??? SABOTAGE!!!!
      King Dippy, Apr 16, 2016