Nintendo's had a rough year...

The beloved Japanese giant has taken a tumble this year...
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    Nintendo is irrefutably responsible for some of the most iconic games and game series in the world. I don't really need to list the characters, most of you know them. But characters such as Mario & Luigi, Zelda & Link, Donkey Kong and the Dog from Duck Hunt, all of these are characters from Nintendo games, all of whom are iconic, not only to Nintendo but to gaming as a whole. But in recent times they have had a run of bad luck. In this article I will list off a few of the things that have been dragging down the company as well as speculating and giving my opinion on the companies future.

    1. The passing of Satoru Iwata

    Mr. Satoru Iwata had been the CEO and president of since the year 2002, when he took over from Hiroshi Yamauchi. When on July 11th he sadly passed away due to a bile duct tumor. Even though Mr. Iwata was known to have had problems with his health as of late, it is non the less a big shock for Nintendo to lose it's leader.
    A moment of science for a fallen legend within the industry
    2. Failure to impress at E3

    Nintendo failed to satisfy the high expectations of fans at the E3 convention this year. With little content to show, and little to reveal a lot of fans left E3 disappointed with Nintendo. With little else than a few minor games and most of them for the 3DS, coupled with little attention payed to the Wii U and general awkward atmosphere at their presentation, Nintendo did little else at E3 than to anger, disappoint and lose a few fans.

    3. The Wii U

    I must admit, this part is somewhat opinion based and not exclusive to 2015. It's no secret that first when the Wii U was released IP's for it were scarce, but so is the case for most consoles. But you would expect this to be fixed in the months/year after the release of the device. That was the belief for Wii U, many seem to think that Nintendo has failed in regards to interesting, good, fun games for the Wii U console. I won't say that the Wii U doesn't have a single fun game, it has a bunch of fun games but not a "console buying game" - A game so good you have to buy that console just to play it. For a lot of people that is Mario Kart 8, for me it just isn't there.

    4. Failure to include same sex-relationships in a game

    One of Nintendo's most popular and successful IP's "Tomodachi Life" - A life simulation game for the 3DS was under fire earlier this year for not including same sex relationships. Needless to say Nintendo came under fire from many people and equal rights organisations. Nintendo has since appologised for this incident and vowed to include same sex relations in future installments. As well as including such relationships in a recent RPG game going by the name of "Fire Emblem Fates" - Nintendo may have apologized but this strains the companies record quite a bit and leaves a bad taste of blood between the company and gamers.

    My speculations/opinions

    I can't help but to feel a bit bad for Nintendo, even if it is a major corporation. Nintendo doesn't hold any special place in my heart but I can see the effect it has had on other people around me. I have to wonder if this is just a down period or the very death of Nintendo. I doubt it goes so far as the death of Nintendo. The company's stock is falling, the community is turning on it, but the loyal fans are still behind it. But those loyal fans won't be there for ever, and so far... Nintendo isn't WOW-ing the upcoming generations, my self included. I hope very dearly that Nintendo pick them selves up and deliver greatness once more.

    What do you think? End of Nintendo? Or just a shock from the passing of the late, the overly great Satoru Iwata.

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  1. SoupG
    To be honest Nintendo has always been behind with their gaming consoles other then the hand-held devices such as the DS and GBA, which were both excellent since there weren't many at the time either. I do believe that Pokemon and Mario are dying out (Pokemon more than Mario of course), but Nintendo has always catered to the Family type gamer rather then the hardcore gamers Like Xbox, PC and PlayStation. Nintendo's games for Wii and Wii U were behind on graphics and gameplay in my opinion as well, Not to say that graphics matter a whole lot, but if you are going to compete then do it right, right?

    Overall I am a fan of Nintendo and I have been since Super Nintendo and then Nintendo 64 and so on. I wouldn't like to see them go away as a company either, all they have to do is step up their content
  2. Kaydos the Game Mage
    Nah 2015 is just a small bump. Nintendo is a fortunate company in that they can take risks - see the DS, Wii, various games. Now of course not all of these are going to pay off *cough* Virtua Boy *cough* but at least they can take these risks and with plenty of money in the bank and a very diverse range of income (see plushies, pokemon anime, and something called 'amiibo' :p) it's not all doom and gloom like with other companies. The four points are very valid though! However they are now focusing more on digital, they have a new console/system/platform/nx on the horizon and they have probably the strongest video game IP collection so they should be alright just as long as they don't get product advice from Sega.
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    2. Kaydos the Game Mage
      Far from it! They are a powerhouse still - just look at their brands like Pokemon, Mario etc. They can easily come back - the 3DS and DS systems are/were selling amazing and now they have expanded more into mobile gaming (the "future"). Eventually nobody will be making consoles and they will all be utilising gaming services and as it stands Nintendo is chief in regard to games. Strategically they are in one of the best positions aside from probably PlayStation.
      Kaydos the Game Mage, Sep 21, 2015
    3. Crimson
      You keep mentioning brands like Pokemon, Mario etc. But those are dying at a rather quick pace. The upcoming generations just aren't as interested in Nintendo's stuff, I think mostly because Nintendo is stuck in the past. Note point 4 in the article. Of course Nintendo isn't going to belly flop in 2016, 2017 or even for the next 10 years, while the hard core fans are still playing. But they aren't retaining their fan base through out the newer generations. Game companies come and they go.
      Crimson, Sep 21, 2015
    4. Kaydos the Game Mage
      I don't see how those brands are dying at a quick pace.

      Nintendo isn't a game company they're a toy company and that is how they have always operated (minus some 'things') and it's the heart of the toymaker which has kept them afloat.

      Now they aren't selling en masse like Destiny but the costs for producing those games is staggering - Nintendo instead opts for titles that aren't as expensive to produce. A key to success is to not compare but to define it as its own standards.
      Kaydos the Game Mage, Sep 22, 2015
  3. Ericthehysteric
    I don't know I would say bad system making I mean who tested that thing its just bad and honestly I feel really bad about the lost of a great man and the e3 thing I cant blame there really hasn't been anything good going on for them game wise if they would have done like mega man leg 3 I think they would have gotten major pros or something cool I haven't seen a good game in a long time other then pokemon
  4. SplitScreen
    I didn't know about the last one! :D Well then. Nintendo, please don't mess up, my childhood is invested in you!
  5. Sentenza Gaming
    RIP Nintendo!!!

    Didn't knew about this:
    4. Failure to include same sex-relationships in a game.
    Kind of think it's funny.
    1. Crimson
      A whole lot of people were infuriated.
      Crimson, Sep 17, 2015