Minecraft Adding A Flying Cape To 1.9 Update

You can soon be your own superhero in Minecraft.
By Absomonilute, Published: Oct 8, 2015 | | |
  1. Lead Minecraft developer, Jens Bergensten, has announced via Twitter that in the 1.9 update you will be able to soar the skies of your Minecraft world like a superhero. A new cape is being introduced to the PC version of Minecraft, but you can't craft it you must find it like a saddle or name-tag. There is no clue as to how rare the cape will be or possible locations on finding it.

    But wouldn't this kind of be like cheating? You can fly in Creative with infinite tools available making it easier to build and maneuver around. This new addition would be very similar. I thought part of the challenge of Minecraft was to build without any kind of aid; now it will dramatically reduce the time it takes to create something. For some that might be fine, but for me that makes a build feel less genuine. I'm hoping that when you fly you will be unable to use blocks or any kind of tools, but that's my opinion what's yours?


    See video for GIF of flying.

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  1. KEEN3R
    Cool but could make the player too OP
  2. Flash Cake
    Well this should be interesting
  3. ScytheDesigns
    Will look cool but hopefuly it's very rare and hard to get so it won't make the game incredibly easy *flies away with minecraft cape*
  4. LittleDuck
    I think it'll depend on how rare it is, I kinda feel like if you were using it you might as well be in creative mode though... I'm not sure it's worth the addition personally
  5. ericbarbwire
    Me personally, I don't think anything like this should be added. Even though there's not a lot of information released about it, it at the moment sounds like it will make the game too easy.