Microsoft Xbox One S Console is 40% Smaller

Microsoft today showed off a sleek new design and “robot white” color for the Xbox One S console. This is the smallest and most compact Xbox ever...
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    Microsoft today showed off a sleek new design and “robot white” color for the Xbox One S console. This is the smallest and most compact Xbox ever made. The 40 percent smaller console has an internal power supply and supports 4K Ultra HD for Blu-ray movies and content streamed from partners like Netflix and Amazon video.


    High Dynamic Range (HDR) support for video and gaming delivers richer, more luminous colors in games like Gears of War 4.

    The platform includes the new Xbox Wireless Controller also. Microsoft has enhanced the comfort with a textured grip and introduced a sleek, streamlined design in white. Added Bluetooth radio gives you easy wireless connection to your Windows 10 PCs and tablets. The new Xbox Wireless Controller will be available separately worldwide starting in August for $59.99/£49.99 GBP/€59.99 EUR.

    You can also customize the colors of each part of the new Xbox Wireless Controller through Xbox Design Lab.

    The Xbox One S will come in three different sizes:

    • 500GB Xbox One S | $299 USD / £249 GBP / €299 EUR
    • 1TB Xbox One S | $349 USD / £299 GBP / €349 EUR
    • Limited Launch Edition 2TB Xbox One S (Select Markets) | $399 USD / £349 GBP / €399 EUR
    The Xbox One S will be available for preorder beginning today and in stores starting August 2016.

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  2. MrHollowed
    Maybe someday, we'll get specs like this on something as small as a mobile. Perhaps on some pair of glasses, only time and effort will tell.
  3. GoodridgeGaming
    Slimmity Slim
  4. Kid Vermin
    It's a pretty sweet looking console! I'm just hoping the smaller size doesn't come with the overheating problems the 360 couldn't fix!
  5. Snowix The Snowman
    i mean is nice and slim
  6. Snowix The Snowman
    thats pretty good!
  7. Acidik Drake
    If you have a 4K tv and don't care about the Scorpio this is the best 4K blu-ray player out there. I just love all the options Microsoft is giving and they'll all be compatible. I'm personally going for the Scorpio upgrade, but this slim is still a great deal.
  8. Aurian MoonRose
    If it wasn't for the fact of project scorpion which will more then likely blow both the Xbox one and this slim out of the water, as well as it coming out within a year. I might actually of thought about getting this one. but with all the upgrades scorpion will supposedly have as well as much as Microsoft says they won't forget about the previous versions. I still think they will to a certain extent. So for me at least if I'm going to upgrade I will wait for the Scorpion lol.
  9. Smilar
    Gotta say I really like it, won't be swapping my xbox one for it as don't have need for 4K, but think it looks very smart!
  10. ItzTerribleT
    It's finally reach the size of PS4
    1. GameOverViper
      Smaller isn't always better...
      GameOverViper, Jun 17, 2016