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Video Games Pay My Bills is a site dedicated to the collection and development of new and proven money making techniques with video games online....
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  1. Video Games Pay My Bills is a site dedicated to the collection and development of new and proven money making techniques with video games online. This website is filled with in-depth guides that cover every aspect of online gaming, streaming on Twitch and YouTube, social media presence and outreach, developing a gaming website, and search engine optimization methods. These are sure to get you on the right track for a home-based gaming income. These guides combine with other resources on the website to increase the time saved from doing research yourself completely.

    The top six guides cover the basics of online presence, streaming, sponsorship, and other methods to monetize your content online. Each of them cover a variety of topics to ensure full understanding of the goals to reach within the subject.

    In tandem with our Member’s Guides is a free eBook Self-Employed Gamer: 10 Days to Make Money Gaming, which allows for an easy-to-follow checklist to set the foundation for a successful online career.

    Twitch Streaming Guide

    This guide presents methods and strategies that were popularized by the professional streamers who see thousands of views every time they go live. The topics covered in this guide touch on getting started, promoting your stream, obtaining regular viewers, increasing profits from streams, setting up a giveaway, and other general tips that every streamer should be aware of. Only the pros are using these same techniques to make money online.

    YouTube Gaming Guide

    Just released a year ago, YouTube Gaming is meant to be the main competitor for Twitch and the streaming channels that are available there. Methods covered within this guide are similar to the previous one, with some adjustments made for proper YouTube Search Optimization.

    The topics covered in this guide include: getting started, promotion of your channel, building an audience, maximizing your income, and finally becoming a featured gamer on YouTube. Considered to be the second largest search engine online, this guide is critical to becoming successful as a YouTuber.

    Creating a Gaming Website / Blog

    Social media and video content are only half the battle, if you want to get noticed as an online gamer, you’re going to need a website. We got you covered: this guide breaks down the creation, monetization, and promotion of your website.

    A website is your place holder on the internet and serves as the storefront for all of your content. We will show you how to rank your website through search engine optimization and earn money from it through monetization to increase your profits dramatically.

    Gaming Sponsorship Guide

    A common mistake made by online gamers is that they don’t think that can get sponsored without being a professional. Our guide shows you how this is not only possible, but very likely once you start growing your online presence. This guide breaks down the process of attracting, choosing, and becoming a sponsored gamer through your online content and website. The benefits to this business partnership is also covered.

    Buying and Selling Vintage Video Games

    Not only do we cover the online portion of gaming for money, we teach you the techniques to apply them to the real world. This guide covers the information that is crucial for real-world reselling of video games. Our database of sources to find and sell retro videogames will save you hours of time of personal research and weeks of trial-and-error.

    Video Game Tester Training Guide

    Often mistaken as one of the “easier” career paths for video games, testers are required to play a game very precisely to accurately uncover and convey glitches within them. These specialized gamers are expected to catch all game-breaking bugs before the release of the game.

    Our guides cover: getting started, requirements before-hand, income averages, obtaining / advancing and alternatives for testing jobs are also touched on. There is no source more comprehensive on this topic that ours.

    Self-Employed Gamer: 10 Days to Make Money Gaming

    This free eBook is a step-by-step guide to the first ten days of setting up your gaming empire. The methods provided within this text offer a foundation for your online gaming career. Everything to get you started and comfortable with the requirements for making money with gaming are covered within its pages. Each day presents a new list of tasks that correspond with past and future actions to ensure the maximum amount of online presence is reached within these ten days.

    The eBook is best used in tandem with a membership, as this provides the most throughout coverage for becoming a successful online gamer.

    VGPMB offers a plethora of written guides and articles to becoming an online gaming sensation. No other website can state they are as comprehensive from start to finish. If you’re serious about becoming an online gamer, this is the only source you’ll ever need. We are constantly researching new and improved methods to keep up with the changing requirements of online ranking and search engine optimization to bring you only the best information available on the internet, period.


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