If You're Not Happy, Improve Yourself

Lots of people have created YouTube accounts because of the success that others have found on YouTube. Only to quit creating content on YouTube...
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    Lots of people look at successful YouTube creators and say, I want to do that. I want to be that person. I want their success. So you create your own YouTube account. You come up with a great new name you like. You make all your channel graphics. You're happy with what you're coming up with. You got these idea's for videos and your making your first video. You publish your video on YouTube. Then the disappointment appears after your video doesn't start getting the views. The likes. The comments. Everything that these successful YouTube creators get immediately when they post a new video to YouTube.

    So when majority of these people hit this disappointment of not getting any views, comments or likes on the video they just spent their time making, they give up. The motivation they had when they created the YouTube account, the ideas they had, the happiness that they had with the outcome of what they had created. It's all wasted time in their mind. It might not have been your first video, your second video, your third video, fourth video or fifth video. It might be the twentieth video or hundredth video.

    It might not be you, it could be the content in most cases just isn't what people want to watch. There's many reasons why people might not be watching your videos. It could be the simple fact that there's millions of accounts on YouTube and yours happens to be at the end of the list and nobody can find your channel or videos. You could be using the wrong titles, tags, descriptions or thumbnails.

    But it doesn't matter, because you're already disappointed with the outcome of your channels activity because your not successful yet like all these big YouTuber's. So you give up and you quit doing what you were so excited about doing when you made your account.

    So what do you do to overcome this disappointment? First thing you do is you ask yourself, do you enjoy making YouTube videos? Are you happy with how your videos turn out? Have you improved your video production quality? Do you have good ideas for new videos? If you have all of that figured out, then you need to improve yourself and find a way to overcome the disappointment. Block out the view count, the likes and dislikes, the comments.

    Don't block out the comments entirely though. You'll want to stay motivated and reply to anyone who comments on your videos obviously. Always talk with your community behind your channel. You might eventually become that YouTuber with a million subscribers, but if you achieve that one million subscribers and the person who was commenting on your videos when you had just 10 subscribers, then you're doing something right. Don't get discouraged when subscribers don't continue to reply to each of your videos, however. People have their own lives, they get caught up with other things and might not always look on YouTube. People might forget about you if you go inactive with your videos. But if you're like a lot of these top YouTubers and always posting new videos daily, people will be in line waiting for your new video. They'll be glued to the screen, desperately waiting for the days new vlog, video or whatever you decide to post to your channel.

    People will react to your channel eventually. You have to put forth the hard work, time, and stay motivated. When you find that key to overcome the disappointment with not getting the likes, comments and views you want, you'll figure out how to gain the success that successful YouTube creators have found. It never gets easier, you just get better at it.

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  1. ViewtifulTV
    Good read, this was me about a year ago until I recently started making videos again and I've learned to block most of it out and honestly I have such a good time editing, and putting in 110 percent in each video :)
  2. Gamebreakerez
    Work harder for yourself find self worth in what you do
  3. SincereApology13
    thank you for this
  4. Shweebe
    I LOVE THIS!! Absolutely agree. Don't compare your success to that of others instead work on yourself and make your channel amazing via your content and community. A big thing to never do is lose faith or confidence in yourself too. Never forget that and keep at it!