How to Auto Share YouTube Videos to Facebook

A lot of content creators have facebook pages or actively share their YouTube videos to their Facebook walls. Wouldn't it be nice if you could...
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  1. Facebook has become an integral part of the social media structure, obviously one of the biggest names when it comes to sharing your content with others, Facebook is a must-have venue for content creators to spread the word about their videos.

    But sadly, Google and Facebook are at loggerheads, what that means is that you can't auto-share your video from YouTube to Facebook the way you can to Google+ and Twitter.

    But what if there was a way to do just that? An option to be able to automatically share your YouTube video to Facebook and what if it took you less than 10 minutes to set it all up!

    Sounds great? Awesome. Well, let me introduce you to IFTTT.

    IFTTT (or If This Then That) is a website that lets you create applets and have those applets run automatically.

    To do this, all you have to do is follow this tutorial.

    Step 1:

    Head on over to IFTTT ( and sign up for an account.


    Step 2:

    Once the registration process is complete and you are logged in to IFTTT. Decide on which applet you want to use and click on the corresponding link.

    YouTube Auto Sharing to Facebook Pages:

    YouTube Auto Sharing to Your Facebook Wall:

    Step 3:

    Flip the Button to On.


    Step 4:

    Grant the needed permissions. IFTTT is good enough that it doesn't spam your feed with their own ads. Even after using the website extensively I have yet to encounter an instance where they post something without you telling it to.

    Step 5:


    Well, I mean, you're done! Congrats! Now every time a video is published on your YouTube channel, a linked post is made automatically on your Facebook page or wall! Isn't that great?

    Posts will be similar to the ones found on my Facebook Page. Showing the description of the video and then a link leading to your video!

    Isn't that neat? And once you set it, you can forget it!

    Some other cool IFTTT Applets I use:

    Publish your new videos as Wordpress posts

    Post new YouTube uploads to LinkdIn

    YT To Pinterest

    If new video uploaded to YouTube, then create a link post on Tumblr.

    Share your latest YouTube uploads on /r/videos

    Did you give this a try? Is there an applet you'd like to have? Did you run into any trouble?

    Tell me in the comments, I'd love to help you out!

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