Google+ Just Isn't Working Out, Removed Integration For YouTube

Google+ and YouTube just weren't meant to be together. So this week Google cut the integration between the two. Don't go deleting your Google+...
By GameOverViper, Published: Aug 2, 2015 | Updated: Jan 19, 2016 | | |
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    This week Google announced that it is removing forced Google+ integration with YouTube, and all of its other products.

    "We want to formally retire the notion that a Google" membership is required for anything at Google... other than using Google+ itself,"
    said Google's vice president of streams, photos, and sharing Bradley Horowitz.

    Note - Do not rush out and delete your Google+ account right now, as the company has warned that deleting it at the present time will also delete your YouTube channel.

    It was just a couple years ago that Google dropped Google+ on YouTube users to create and integrate Google+ accounts in order to continue using the service. The reaction was mostly negative.

    "We've also heard that it doesn't make sense for your Google+ profile to be your identity in all the other Google products you use," continued Hororwitz, confirming that the change won't just be affecting YouTube, but all other Google products including Gmail and Google Drive.

    Are you happy that Google+ is no longer going to be integrated with YouTube?

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  1. BVTNetwork
    I did not mind Google+. It actually helps some channels with very little ways to connect with fans stay connected. It helps channels "get out there". It may also help them grow. Again, this is my opinion.
  2. DatXboxGuy
    They shouldn't of done it in the first place, I feel it was a misguided effort to get in on Facebook and Twitter socials, Google + was never going to compete with them at what they do IMO
  3. SplitScreen
  4. Harius Awesome
    It was trying to implement something where it needn't have been implemented. The original system worked fine, so it shouldn't have fixed what wasn't broken in my opinion.
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  5. ThisGuyPlays
    Thank goddd
  6. MagnanimousRogue
  7. Oshikorosu
    I hate to be the devil's advocate, here, but I didn't mind anything about it. I've been a long time Gmail account user, so naturally it tied in with my YouTube content, and I was able to use it for Google+ as well. Am I going to miss it? I suppose not. I've never used Google+ very much, but I'm not as excited as some people are over it disappearing, either..
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    1. BVTNetwork
      I never minded it either.
      BVTNetwork, Nov 6, 2015
  8. Claudio Eduardo Bardales
    finally!, it was a bad decision in the first place.