Gaming On YouTube is Dying: Here's Why

While Gaming on YouTube is still a common hobby for content creators to make. I'm going to explain how Gaming on YouTube is dying.
By Amaryx, Published: Nov 11, 2017 | | |
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    So why Gaming is YouTube dying? Well you see there has been a good long period of successful gaming videos made by popular content creators, making good entertainment and overall building a community. But this is 2017 now, and there has been a good competitor that has been around for a while and that is Twitch. Not only Twitch has let you watch the streamer do a playthrough live and come back to it later at any time. You get to interact with the streamer (only when live) and it is a huge deal for many viewers!

    Lack of content creators being diverse and unique with the games has also been a problem in the last couple years. Most personalities and content creators are too similar and don't really stand out that much which makes creators fall into a pool of videos that other viewers are competing with.

    Everything about the community is also getting stale and viewers could be maturing as well watching content that isn't kid or something new that interest them. Sometimes a change of genre for channels revive in many different ways.

    I have more evidence on this YouTube video posted below!

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  1. The Black Knight
    There's one section of gaming that twitch doesn't have and that's edited gameplay which can be way superior to regular "start - stop recordings".
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  2. SmokeySpace
    Some stuff is getting old, but YouTube gaming isnt going to die
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  3. Phillip
    Well, Videos on Demand is something people prefer so I don't think gaming channels will die out. The youtubers mentioned in the video had a VERY specific niche following so once they stopped posting those specific videos of course they'll lose followers.
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  4. StoutGaming
    I don't think gaming videos will ever die, but the genuineness might.
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    1. krirechemourad
      sending me a message
      krirechemourad, Dec 4, 2017
  5. nikogeorgos
    i search on youtube i see a lot of videos i don't think is die
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    1. krirechemourad
      send me a message
      krirechemourad, Dec 4, 2017
  6. RagEneT
    I much more prefer Edited gaming instead of streams. Good example of that is Edited GTA RP episodes from BaysAreaBugs. They cut out all the boring parts and keep the episodes fun and short.
  7. Shake N Bake Gaming UK
    The shift in growth and success has definitely moved towards Twitch and Live Streaming in general
    I'd say it's a bit more to do with the platforms and the companies behind them and how they support their users than actual content creators
    But live platforms definitely suit some creators better and recorded platforms suit others, just about staying fresh and staying true to yourself (personal opion, based on zero facts :rock:)

    - Shake N Bake Gaming
  8. llNecroticll
    Maybe but that's why you change your content around.... Like pewdiepie
  9. Rohanrider70
    I totally agree with this, alot of gaming channels like twomad are getting demonitized for no reason. Nice posts with alot of information
  10. XenoYT
    You have some valid points but youtube gaming "dying" is a bit strong. It will decrease due to the fact that starting a Youtube channel in the gaming section of youtube is hard, especially if you are hopping on the bandwagon of what is relevant and similar to everyone else. I mean, vanoss started doing funny moment and funny videos with his friends when it was small because he didn't hop on the bandwagon and instead did something unique. They can be repetitive but sometimes the viewers want that. Back to Vanoss, he keeps his content fresh by playing different games and that's what makes his channel as relevant and as well known as it is today.