GamersRule: Live Stream Event with Legrand Legacy, AnotherIndie & SEMISOFT Studio

GamersRule announces live stream event for Legrand Legacy: Tale of the Fatebounds with developer SEMISOFT Studio and publisher AnotherIndie.
By GamersRule, Published: Feb 9, 2018 | Updated: Feb 12, 2018 | |
  1. GamersRule is pleased to announce that we are hosting a live stream event for Legrand Legacy: Tale of the Fatebounds on Monday February 12th at 8:00 PM CST (GMT-6)


    Developer SEMISOFT Studio and publisher AnotherIndie will be present for this unique event, and we will have a giveaway for Steam keys, thanks to the generosity of our publisher & developer guests. Viewers will also have the opportunity to ask questions of the development team in an AMA-style (ask me anything) live Q & A session.


    Legrand Legacy: Tale of the Fatebounds is a title that I'm very excited about. It's the developer's "love letter" to JRPGs of time past with the added bonus of modern technology to enhance combat and storytelling.

    This fascinating universe includes hand-drawn artwork, beautifully rendered 3D cinematics, curious creatures, and an original soundtrack. Combat is turn-based, and full controller support is included. Gamers can recruit craftsmen to restore the abandoned city of Dumville, play minigames, embark on quests, and also make use of the looting and upgrade mechanics to outfit the party.


    While GamersRule will be showcasing the PC release of Legrand Legacy: Tale of the Fatebounds, Switch fans will also be pleased to hear that this title is expected to hit the Switch platform later this year.

    SEMISOFT Studio & AnotherIndie invite you to,

    "Embark on an epic adventure through this sprawling fantasy universe and fight alongside the Fatebounds as they attempt bring peace to Legrand! But be careful who you trust because everyone has a secret to hide…"​

    This live stream event will take place on Mon Feb 12th at 8:00 PM CST (GMT-6) on the GamersRule Twitch channel.

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