Customize the Colors of the New Xbox One S Controller Through Xbox Design Lab

You can now design your own Xbox One controller through Microsoft. Technically you can make a one of a kind Xbox controller, seeing how there are...
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    You can now design your own Xbox One controller through Microsoft. Technically you can make a one of a kind Xbox controller, seeing how there are around eight million possible color combinations available. Customize the color of just about every part, from the front and the back panels to the shoulder triggers and D-pad. You can also customize it even further by laser engraving your name or Gamertag directly on the controller below the d-pad and right joystick.

    This new program that Microsoft is launching is called the Xbox Design Lab, which lets users visit a website to design their own controller.

    The controllers available through the program will be the same updated ones that come bundled with the new, smaller Xbox One S. That means a few improvements over the standard Xbox One controller, including the inclusion of Bluetooth for better range, and a subtle, but pleasant textured and grippy back panel.


    The Xbox Design Lab controllers won’t start shipping until September, but you can start designing your own and preorder today on the website (Not available until later today). The customized controllers will cost $79.99 each, plus an extra $9.99 if you choose the laser engraving option.

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  1. Smilar
    Don't think this is out in the UK yet :(.
  2. Aurian MoonRose
    I not only really like this idea, but as said now everyone can make thier own Controlers and nobody... hopefully will ever say dude that's my favorite controller lol. I've already got mine in mind. Going to be the colors of my show, With the name of my show towards the bottom. Then that will be my show controler lol.
  3. Acidik Drake
    I really like this idea, but I hope they add more options as it becomes more popular. You have less colors for the thumbsticks and it'd be nice if you could also customize the guide button. The only other gripe I have is the faceplate covering the guide button as well. I like the standard look more where the piece that holds the guide button is more visible because it would help make the color for shoulder buttons stand out more when looking at the front. All that being said I still love this idea and think that there are a decent amount of color options to start out with. Will be keeping an eye out for more options in the future and then get one most likely.