Replies on Comment by GameOverViper

  1. Jack Muskrat
    Yeah, as I mention in the article I will be exporting lets plays & highlights. It just means edited videos I use to do won't be there now, but I didn't want the channel to be dead in case people want to see my content but prefer using YouTube over Twitch.
    Jack Muskrat, Oct 29, 2017
  2. Jack Muskrat
    I do recommend Restream. I did use it for my Saturday streams but thought I'd commit to one platform to keep everyone in one place. But with Restream I mostly found I'd have people talking in the chat on Twitch and others in YouTube, and they'd get confused at not being able to see/reply to each other. Something I'm sure most have no problems with but it was all part of deciding to contain the streams to just Twitch for me.
    Jack Muskrat, Oct 29, 2017
  3. GameOverViper
    Yeah, but with Restream and multiple platforms you're able to capture different audiences. That's where people start to add on screen somewhere that's not annoying what is being posted by people. You can include your chat logs on screen. However, it can takeaway from gameplay. There's always the loading screens that you could add it to and switch scenes inbetween games.
    GameOverViper, Oct 29, 2017
  4. Jack Muskrat
    That is definitely an idea. At least regarding switching scenes, etc. I did, a long time ago, make an overlay that included the chat log but wasn't really feeling it because it felt like it took away from seeing the game. So I'm choosing to keep my on-screen stuff to a minimum. At least for now.
    Jack Muskrat, Oct 29, 2017