CoD vs. Battlefield: Reveal Trailer Battle

Both of the giant IP's have dropped the reveal trailers of their upcoming games. But which one is better?
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  1. Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

    Opening with a chaotic montage of "found footage" and news reals, the trailer hints at a broken world, a chaotic world. The trailer then continues to show a few more explosions and gun fights and a few people say things like "We're at war." - "How could we not see this coming." - "He's one of our own." - Very cliché stuff if you ask me.

    But then, then they take to the skies and beyond. Exiting the atmosphere a seeming space battle ensues and best of all, the slow, low key rock that has been the trailers main soundtrack for 1 minute and 40 seconds now starts to change, eventually evolving into a
    SUPER remix of Bowie's space epic: Major Tom. Dog flights in space, huge wrecks of massive space ships, fights on asteroids!

    Eventually they move back to the surface, although "back" isn't the right way to describe it. Since Jupiter is in view, and it is absolutely colossal. I believe this game to take place on one of Jupiter's moons, at least in part.

    Ultimately the graphics don't look up to par, not that much better if at all better than last years model.

    Battlefield 1

    A much shorter trailer, opening with a quick flash of logos and a man being bludgeoned with a club, fading into a horse riding across the empty desert with a dub-step remix of 'Seven Nation Army' by The White Stripes.

    'Seven Nation Army' continuing to be the trailers soundtrack through out. Accompanied by footage of an old-fashioned airplane, cut to a guy being beat down with a trench shovel. Next, a World War 1 era plane crashing into a tower. That's right. Battlefield 1 is going back to WW1.

    A red sun, bi-planes, a battle cruiser. Yes, I am indeed describing a sea battle, complete with air-crafts and all.

    A sharp cut to black, a slow fade in on a man's face, he's staring up. His face is slowly being engulfed with a shadow. Cut to an absolutely giant airship soaring over the man we were just looking in the face. All the while, the dub-step remix of 'Seven Nation Army' is deeper in tone, slower, more intimidating. Light intensifies and so does the song, in come the titles and they read "Battlefield 1"


    I have never liked either game, I'm not an FPS fan in general. I don't have the skill for it and I don't have the time to play them enough to get the skill. I usually always hate the watered down "hero" story arcs, but I did love CoD 1 and 2 as well as Battlefield 1942, war classics.

    So which wins? The 3 minute Call of Duty trailer or the 1 minute 20 second Battlefield trailer? Battlefield, hands down. Better visuals, better era, better music.

    The visuals for it are rendered in engine, it's not fully representative of the final product (but we all saw Battlefront, it's gorgeous). The 'Seven Nation Army' remix is so dark and deep on so many levels it's hard to explain. It adds a level of grit and badassery to the "hero" concept, as well as a bit of evil, a bit of moral conflict.

    CoD takes it too far, to space? To a surface near Jupiter? I mean come on. CoD has gone too far in my opinion. Battlefield when back in time, CoD went forwards. In my opinion, Battlefield is going in the right direction.

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  1. Bobbyzila
    COD needs to take time to make their games and think about what they are releasing. Its not Fifa where you can bring out the same game every year with slight changes! It works for sports but not for COD
  2. MadWeyer_Gaming
    I personally love Battlefield 1 and am currently doing a Battlefield series on my channel; if you'd like to see the playlist, here it is;
  3. GoodridgeGaming
  4. Cold Abyss
    I agree there's just some things you can get in Battlefield that's not in COD.
  5. Aurian MoonRose
    Agreed never have been a huge FPS fan but at least for historical or non Sci-Fi seems like Battlefield will most likely win, unless everyone just goes for it due to the remastered version of COD 4. Otherwise as of now seeing both gameplay too at E3 2016. I didn't even know that the game being played was the new Call of Duty. Can't say that they don't try to at least try something different. It is after all Infinity Ward and they changed the envelope when they moved to modern day warfare. So who knows but feeling Sci-Fi and me enjoying it I may be one of the few who might enjoy it. So I'm going to say the new Call of Duty with the envelope changing try.
  6. Slinkiestfat
  7. KingEblaXl
    Battlefield and cod had the same issue when battlefield 4 came out everyone thought it would kill cod ghosts but it never:worried:
  8. Leo Ventosa
    Im a big fan of Battlefield so.... XD
  9. Chordzie
    Battlefield 1 looks much more appealing
  10. TheBillboBoss
    I love Battlefield 1 trailer.