Black Ops 3 Beta Experienced Issues on Xbox One with Beta Codes

Call of Duty: Black Ops 3's Beta started off with a rocky start today with beta code redemption errors and Xbox Live experiencing problems...
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    The Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Beta was just released on the Xbox One and PC today after debuting on the PlayStation 4 last week thanks to a special deal Sony and Activision made.

    After the launch today, the beta then ran into some problems with trouble redeeming players beta codes. Microsoft released a notice on the support page saying this:

    Some people on Xbox One are experiencing problems redeeming their beta codes. Microsoft is working with Activision to get the problem fixed "ASAP."

    "Thank you for being patient while we work," Microsoft said. "We'll post another update when more information becomes available."

    The @XboxSupport twitter account posted this tweet this evening saying the issues with redeeming the Black Ops 3 beta codes should be resolved.

    Code redemption on PC appeared to be unaffected.

    The Black Ops 3 multiplayer beta for Xbox One and PC will run through August 30. Activision has not said if it plans to extend the beta as a result of these issues. On PS4, Activision extended the Black Ops 3 beta for an extra day, but this was not related to any beta code redemption problems.

    Currently, access to the Xbox One and PC Black Ops III multiplayer beta is available only for people who preordered the game. Activision opened up the PS4 beta to everyone in its final days, but the company hasn't said if it will do the same on its new platforms.

    There are seven maps and three modes in the beta right now, though if the PlayStation 4 beta is anything to go by, more content--maps, modes, Specialists--may be added later.

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