All Xbox One Controllers Will Have Remapping Soon

Microsoft has announced that all Xbox One controllers will soon include remapping capabilities.
By Absomonilute, Published: Oct 6, 2015 | | |
  1. There are several new features that will be coming to Xbox One hopefully sometime soon. Microsoft has claimed that all Xbox One pads will feature remappable controls. As of right now this component is limited to the Xbox One Elite controller, but it's going to cost you $150. It’s full of extra paddles on the back and is made of metal making it a longer playing controller but I can't see too many people coughing up the money for it. “It’s coming for all controllers soon.” - Mike Ybarra. Luckily, PlayStation owners already have this feature standard on their PS4 Dualshocks.

    Another detail that Sony has implemented into their next-gen console is background music. Xbox wishes to wait until after the Windows 10 integration however. As of now you can listen to background music while you play but that requires you to open up Snap which takes a good sized portion of your screen.

    What other features are you hoping that Microsoft will include into the Xbox One?

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  1. xHydroAphid
    Dang son this seems cool