Acer is bringing a PC to your pocket with the Predator 6

Remember that moment when you were walking down the street and thought "I wish I had a 6" phone with me that was capable of playing PC games" No?...
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    What the hell is this thing? Is the first thing that popped into my mind when I first saw it. Apparently it is a gaming phone that "Will dominate any game you throw at it" according to an Acer executive. With it's impressive hardware, beautiful looks and potential. Read further for "Aesthetics" - "Software" - "Hardware" - "Final thoughts"


    To me, this thing looks beastly, it looks beautiful, it looks sharp and it looks dangerous. Let's start with the front.


    The front has in each corner a red accented front mounted speaker, it doesn't only look great. It will also deliver a great sound experience. Along with those speakers there is a brushed aluminum finished both at the top end of the screen and the bottom end. The front is all in all very good looking, it's nice to look at and that's important.



    The central back-plate has a brushed aluminum finish, much like the front bezels it also has the emblem carved in the center of the back plate. The side slopes have a nice looking matte finish, the show piece had them silver/grey and the top and bottom edges are also matte finished but sport a black color instead of the silver/gery one.



    This beast will of course sport some version of the android operating system. Whether or not they have to make a new version of that OS for this unusual machine I don't know but I wouldn't be entirely surprised if they did have to. Both to run the hardware to it's fullest potential and run certain games.



    This thing is pretty, with the android OS it will be smart but with this hardware it will be worthy of the title "BEAST" - Seriously this hardware is not messing around. It is powerful beyond belief and I for one cannot fathom how they will make this thing run for more than 10 seconds. Not all the hardware had been announced but here is what we have heard so far.

    Processor: MediaTek's Helio x20 DECA core (10 core)

    RAM: 4GB, speed undisclosed

    Display: 6" - 1080p (rumored)

    Sadly this is all we know so far, we don't know the on board storage, although there will be expandable storage as well. With this hardware the statement "It will dominate any game you throw at it" isn't seeming to far fetched. It is absolutely beastly, I can't wait to hear about the battery of this thing.


    Final thoughts

    There's no word on pricing or avalability yet so I won't go into that too much although I speculate it's going to be 1200$ or around that range, I am no expert this estimation is purely a random guess, so don't take it at all seriously.

    I don't know about you. But I'm interested in seeing what this thing can do and how it will be received. Are people interested in furthering mobile gaming on this scale? Is there outcry for a device of this caliber? - I honestly don't know. I think there is, I think any advance in any corner of gaming is a great advancement. Acer claims it as "The gamer's social center" I look forward to see what they mean by that.

    I must also wander whether they'll work with any of the VR developers (mainly HTC/Valve or Oculus Rift) to create something like the Samsung Gear. This beast could certainly handle it.

    I will definitely be looking forward to more information from Acer about this product and hear what they have planned for this bad boy.

    Singed, Crimson

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