9 Reasons to Get Rocket League

Rocket League in just 20 days had 5 million downloads. That alone would be reason enough but here is 9 reasons why you should get it.
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    Rocket League a squeal of a game hardly anyone heard of, Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars, (colloquially known as SARPBC). From developer/publisher Psyonix, in just 20 days it passed 5,000,000 downloads. That would be recommendation enough but here is a snippet, 9 point, review of why you should buy it.

    So what is it? It's basically football (sorry soccer) with rocket powered cars and elements of a destruction derby mixed in hit with a wash of physics. The goal is simple score more goals than you opposition in 1v1 up to 3v3 in ranked, and up to 4v4 in unranked.

    What makes it loveable? EVERYTHING.
    1. Five minute games short enough to squeeze another one in before bed, oh by the way its now 3am how many games was that?
    2. The style, its full of colour, mainly blue and orange, but its still bright and shining.
    3. Its easy to play yet hard to master, even after tutorials you will still be trying out things like barrel rolling off of a take off boost to save that last minute equalizer, front flips, back flips, barrel rolls, bicycle kicks.
    4. I have 6 hours on it as of writing, someone do the math of how many games I've also only had it 3 days, Every game I have played in played differently, some was end to end, others played entirely in the air, some a battle on the half way line and only a front flip to break the ball away for action.
    5. Its fast paced, you have to go from attack to defend in seconds.
    6. There are elements of strategy and team reading, you've got to decide quickly if you are better slamming the ball into the side or try for a shot.
    7. Customization, YOU CAN PUT A FREAKING TAXI SIGN OR HALO ON YOUR CAR, as well as change the boost effect out your exhaust pipe.
    8. Cross-play PC and Playstation.
    9. IT HAS A SAVE REPLAY FUNCTION, just ask yourself a minute how rare this is? yea exactly. now as of writing I haven't found any export options (who knows maybe in an update?) but it gives you a second chance at recording when you was just chilling out smashing balls with mates.

    Still TLDR: Its beautiful, fast paced, fun to play hard to master, car football/soccer I highly recommend it to everyone.

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  1. Ericthehysteric
    it be really cool ive seen a few videos if they had a 100% circle cage match lol that way you could drive up the walls and everthing without like falling off
  2. SplitScreen
  3. Kaydos the Game Mage
    I played the predecessor and one of the big differences are the fields - in Supersonic you had the traditional soccer field but also a multi-tiered one on a boat and one that was kind of like a donut-shape, as well as more visual variety such as a desert themed stage. I'd be intested to see if in future they add these different fields to spice up the game (although I understand why they wouldn't be used in e-sport games) a little.
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    1. DJStitch91
      Id love them to do more different shaped arenas! Or even open up workshop on steam.
      DJStitch91, Aug 3, 2015
  4. tKo Spurr
    Ive made videos on this game before. It is SOOO FUNN
  5. EnnZedder
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  6. Mike Houston
    I really love this game but for some reason my PC likes to crash with this game... and all my stuff got reset too. =/