8 Games that Aren't Jackie Chan

Can you name 8 games that aren't Jackie Chan? #5 is definitely not Jackie Chan! I'm a pro at this.
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  1. 8 Games that Aren't Jackie Chain

    #8: Jackie Chan J-Mat Fitness

    "I'm not very good at this game..."

    You heard me right, a fitness game staring JACKIE CHAN! Now, here's the messed up part. This was released in 2005, 2 years before Wii-Fit existed, in fact, this game was released on a game console that never saw the light of day, XaviX. So essentially, Jackie Chan INSPIRED Wii-Fit! The game played similarly to DDR by you having to step on certain parts at specific times in order to get your "exercise" in. The game never went outside of japan...

    #7: The Kung-Fu Master Jackie Chan

    "What are you taking a picture for?! The KGB's on our asses, RUN!"
    Alrighty, a game that actually is about fighting people and taking names! The game looks like Mortal Kombat by having digitized fighters with a Fatal Fury control scheme. Almost every character in this game is from a Jackie Chan movie, because what's a Jackie Chan game without references to his entire career before Rush Hour? Also how narcissistic can this guy be? He's not in the game once, he has 3 separate characters, ALL OF THEM BEING THE FINAL BOSSES. You'd find this game in Arcades around the world.

    "You best not unleash the beasts..."

    Also the Jackie Chans have a fatality that can turn you into an animal. Why?

    #6: Jackie Chan Adventures

    "As long as you stay perfectly still, Uncle won't detect us"
    This PS2 adapted from the cartoon with, the same name... The cartoon is actually REALLY legit and was a huge part of my childhood, nice cartoon. OH YES THE VIDEO GAME, apparently it was pretty legit. Sadly though, the game never made it to North America due to the company going bankrupt and no other company picking up the title, it did make it out in Europe however. The game is just another beat-em up and uses a lot of cell shading for it's graphics. My personal opinion? Go watch the Cartoon instead, I much prefer that.

    #5: Jackie Chan's Action Kung Fu

    "Remember how original Megaman Box Art looked like?"

    Ho Boy is this game a treat, you start off the game doing a stroll with your Chi-Chi look-alike sister when you come across Dracula who stuns you with a bolt of lightning and steals your sister away from you. Now you must fight giant Buddha statues to petite forest creatures in order to save your sister. Atleast that's what I got from 1 minute of gameplay. This game came out for the NES and is a Side-Scroller Platformer with a boss at the end of each level. The game actually looks pretty fun and fair in terms of gameplay. I'd be willing to actually play it at some point.

    #4: Jackie Chan Stuntmaster


    The moment you realize you left the oven on.
    Another beat-em up, but this time for the PS1, and with a bonus of really smashed faces. You go around showing a good example for the children by beating up thugs and drinking milk to gain life back. There's not a whole lot to say about this game, it got good reception and is a pretty decent game. You can even beat people up with a Paint Roller? How neat is that? Splatoon move out of the way, JACKIE CHAN DID IT FIRST!

    #3: Kung-Fu Master


    "This is probably the only game from this list you would recognize"
    That's right, this is a Jackie Chan game, the orignal game for the Arcades was a tie-in of the recent Jackie Chan movie: Wheels on Meals. There have been so many ports of this game, it would be quite intriguing if you haven't seen a single one of them in your lifetime. Pretty much the game is you running down a hall kicking people in the face then climbing up a set of stairs to keep doing that until you get your girl back. If the game's been ported hundreds of times, you've got to know that the creators did something right!

    #2: Around the World in 80 Days


    Around the World in 80 Days is a side-scrolling action-adventure game that even that Sphinx doesn't want any part of. Apparently Looney Toons wanted in as a movie and looked what happened... This game is straight up boring, there's platforming and collection but the game's basically a cake-walk, the bosses in this game are just Slugfests between 2 guys with nothing better to do. Go watch the Looney Toons knock-off or something, anything but this.


    "This works too."

    And Finally, #1:


    Well, at least I named one game that wasn't Jackie Chan... But was it worth it?

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  1. Ericthehysteric
    sadly number 8 would have been a lot better then the wii fit imo it looks better made and design and a hell of a lot more fun