12 Truths First-Time YouTube Creators Need to Know

If you're trying to build a new YouTube channel, you should know some things first. Its not easy to manage a YouTube channel. There will be...
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    If you're trying to build a new YouTube channel, you should know some things first. Its not easy to manage a YouTube channel. There will be struggles along the way. You will hit road blocks and have downfalls. People will say things to you that you don't want to hear. Make an effort to promote your channel every chance you get, but don't waste your time trying to convince somebody who has no interest in your channel to subscribe. Time is valuable, use it wisely. Here are 12 truths that every first-time YouTube creator should know about.

    1. Nobody cares about you or your channel until you give them a reason to.

    An example, a relationship, your girlfriend/boyfriend/wife/husband. Before you met them, you didn't have a clue who they were, had no feelings for the person, and didn't know who they were. Once you met them and got to know them, you started to care about them. Your YouTube channel is similar to a relationship.

    2. Subscribers will never care as much about the channel as you do.

    You create the content that you enjoy making, there's a reason that every creator has a YouTube channel. Whether that reason is to have fun doing it, make a living from it, or prove to people that they can do anything they want to do. Subscribers will hammer you with feedback, not always feedback you want to hear. Making requests to change your channel for the worse. Not everyone understands your mission for your channel, so don't let people change your channel direction.

    3. Trying to convince people to subscriber after they've said "no" is a waste of energy.

    You can ask anyone to subscribe to your channel, even friends that you've known since childhood. But when you ask people to subscribe to your YouTube channel and they don't subscribe or say no, more than once. Stop trying to persuade them to subscribe. Move on to other people who you can convince to subscribe. I'm not saying cut all ties with your friends, continue being friends or whatever you are. But quit wasting time asking them to subscribe, because eventually you start sounding like you're begging them and if they give in when you beg them, they will be like somebody who just subscribed after agreeing to a sub 4 sub.

    4. Luck will be a big part of your success.

    You will run into some times where your channel will see huge success, mostly from luck. You might post a video of a new game with a title that nobody uses, and with that title might come a flood of searches for how to do whatever you're teaching people to do in that video for that game. You might even be spotlighted on a big channel without a heads up. There's many ways that luck can control your channel. However, don't sit around waiting for luck to happen.

    5. If you start your channel with a friend or family member, it probably won't end well.

    I've heard stories on this forum numerous times already. Friends starting a YouTube channel together never works out. The friends end up in arguments, next thing you know one deletes the channel or changes the login so the other can't use it. Its pretty much a waste of time and effort. Start your own channels, collaborate with one another if you really want to work together. But don't use the same channel.

    6. Networking is totally worthwhile. The oldage still holds true, "It's not what you know, it's who you know." Collaborate with the bigger guys.

    There's a way to grow a YouTube channel and then there's a way to GROW a YouTube channel. Finding the right people to collaborate on YouTube can take a small channel and turn it famous in a single day.

    7. It's more likely than not that you're not a million subscriber channel. It's OK.

    You might never see a subscriber count of 1,000,000 on a channel of your own. However, it doesn't hurt to make it your goal. Many channels are achieving a million subscriber milestones everyday. It's totally possible, but the chances of a small channel becoming the next million sub channel, are slim. Don't stress over subscriber counts.

    8. 80% of your subscribers will probably not watch all of your videos all the time. Interact and value the 20% that stay dedicated to you and your channel.

    Everyone has a life of there own. Not everyone has time to watch YouTube videos all day long. Most people, like myself, don't even have time to watch all the new content from the people I'm subscribed each day. Look at PewDiePie and other's, they don't even attract nearly as many views on each new video as the amount of subscribers they have. You will have people who watch all your videos, but not 100% of your subscribers will be watching every single video, everyday of the week. Its just not going to happen, unless you become really lucky.

    9. Try new games often, but don't waste your time on games you don't enjoy playing.

    If your not happy with your game, you probably won't produce quality content and subscribers won't be too happy with the end result. You don't want to bore your subscribers to death with content that is boring and doesn't even make you happy to play. Try to stick to game genre's that you enjoy playing.

    10. Monetizing your channel is NOT a bad thing. Just try to avoid YouTube Networks if you can.

    People make it out to be a bad thing that you are trying to make money from your channel. When your channel earns enough money to pay for new games, consoles, accessories and even enough one day to live off of, then you'll understand.

    Just try to avoid the YouTube networks. Most of them are just out to take a percentage of your earnings and not help in any way, shape or form. YouTube networks are a dying breed. You can earn your money directly from YouTube and not worry about contracts or whether or not the network sends you your payment. Some networks offer help when it comes to taking down videos that people steal from you, but you can easily request take downs of videos yourself with YouTube.

    11. There will always be someone more successful than you, it's OK to be jealous. Especially if it drives you harder. Just look at what they are doing and do it better.

    Take notes, and do it better. You're not the best at this game, but it doesn't hurt to try to be the best. Take advice, tips and strategies that other YouTube channels use and try to make them your own. If its working for these other channels, it can definitely help you out.

    12. There are going to be stretches where you feel you've lost your passion and interest. This is normal. Every creator goes through it.

    There might come a time when you feel you're bored, you lost your ideas and have no interest in continuing your YouTube channel. Many people go through this. Take some time away from it, but try to come back quickly as possible as a long time away from your channel can kill your channel. Everything you've worked hard on achieving can be gone when you return. xJaws, Minnesotaburns, just to name a couple have taken long breaks from YouTube and lost many subscribers, and don't see nearly as many views on there videos as they did before they left YouTube.

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  1. AJB
    this is really great advice being new myself i know how hard it is to make content wondering if people will like but i wont give up i enjoy doing YouTube and i know it will be a while before i grow but ill be patient
  2. Sevvy
    Thanks, definitely true!
  3. KedCleverGaming
    this helps alot. thank you
  4. Mr Chillter
    Sounds harsh, but it's the truth.
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  5. shelvs Fleurima
  6. HartGlam
    For smaller channels, how would we go about asking bigger channels to collab? Also, about how big should we be looking?
  7. VBC Trinity Games
    #6. Is something I really need to focus on. I'm still relatively new (slightly more than half a year - 500+ subs with small daily growth) but several of my new subs say my content is great and deserving of more subs - but my content is fairly niche and doesn't get a lot of search traffic.
  8. SniperWizard
    Nice article .......this will definitely help!
  9. Sentenza Gaming
    Great article. Let me add this quote from a signature of a member of this forum. @Stick says in his signature:
    ''keep making videos, make the videos you want to make, don't worry about anything else, people aren't going to be watching them straight away.
    Don't try to be the next big thing, be the first YOU.''

    I think this quote summarize what each YouTube creators should have in mind.
    Love you Stick!!
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    1. Stick
      Preach sent!
      Stick, Jun 27, 2016
    2. PoopieGaming
      Well said!
      PoopieGaming, Jun 28, 2016
  10. Foorson
    Point 7 is totally nonsense :p You say that is totally possible to reach 1 million subscribers but if You're smal channel there are basically no chances? lol ;p everybody starts as a small channel - You never know who sees you on Yt, who will reach out to you etc etc there are thousnads possibilities

    But I agree that you don't need to stress over a sub count