10 Tips on Creating a Successful Let's Play Channel

How can you grow your gaming channel to become popular and watched by thousands, or even millions? Here's some tips that may help you get started.
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  1. So you want to become the next Pewdiepie, Markiplier, or Jacksepticeye? That's a great goal, but the truth and reality is you won't get there in a week, or month, or year, or even 5 years.


    These guys are successful because they started early, had great personalities and videos, and built a strong community. In today's YouTube world, the Let's Play community and Gaming community as a whole is exponentially larger, therefore making the growing of your YouTube channel exponentially larger as well. How can you grow your Gaming Channel to become popular and watched by thousands, or even millions? Here's some tips that may help you get started.

    Catchy Name
    Take a look at all of the popular YouTuber's out there. What do they all have in common? Yes, they have a catchy name for their channel. Having a catchy name for your channel is a lot more beneficial to not only the community, but to you as well. It's easier to find, say, and it makes everything a lot more professional as far as having a channel goes.

    Create Engaging Content
    I can't tell you enough how many times I come across a video where the commentator says something once every few seconds, then BOOM, dead silence. Not only that, but the commentator is monotone, has no expression whatsoever, and gives the video a depressing mood. Now who would want to watch a video like that? ENGAGE in you videos! Talk consistently throughout the whole video. Make funny edits, do weird things that make no sense, be YOURSELF!!! This is the key to being unique to other channels, and growing a strong bond with your viewers!

    The first 10 seconds of a video are the most important, because it practically says what your video/channel is about. If your intro doesn't catch anyone's interest, then chances are that viewer is going to click on to the next video. Create SOMETHING that you think will grab people's attention right away, and keep them interested enough to watch the entire video. You don't necessarily have to have an amazing 3D intro with crazy music blasting along to it. Something as simple as a catchphrase, or showing a quick preview of events later in the video can be enough to grab the viewer's attention.

    Engage With the Community
    People watch your video. They like it, leave a comment, and even liked it enough to subscribe to your channel. Engage with them in the comments! They were nice enough to do all of those things for you, so the least you could do is comment something nice back to them, or if you want to you can create a vlog to engage with your viewers as well! Community involvement is one of the most important parts of having a successful channel!

    What I mean by this is don't just post a video daily for a week, then stop for a few days. Have a set schedule where you upload at specific dates and times every week or day. Doing this tells your viewers that you are not only serious about your channel, but that you are going to keep posting content consistently.

    Social Media & Websites
    Be careful with this as you do NOT by any means want to be spammy. However, with that being said, share your content to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, ANYWHERE where you can promote your channel or videos. This is probably the best way to promote your channel for free and gain REAL followers to your channel.

    No Sub4Sub Garbage
    This is corrupt to YouTube. Yeah, having 50k subscribers looks nice and all, but having 50k subscribers and 200 views per video doesn't. Sub4Sub is just a number that makes your channel look bad. Stay away from it, as it is the WRONG way to grow your channel.

    One of the first things most people will see before watching your video is the thumbnail. Having Youtube do your thumbnail automatically will, in most cases, not provide a satisfactory result. Download a program where you can create your own thumbnails, use a bit of imagination and creativity, and create an engaging thumbnail that APPLIES TO THE VIDEO ONLY. Don't be misleading with your thumbnail. Some programs you could use are paint.net and GIMP which are completely free. Another one, that you have to pay for, is Photoshop. Get what you think is best for you according to your skills and budget.

    Title & Description
    A lot of the popular comedic Let's Play channels have engaging titles that catch your attention right away. They tempt you to click the video just to see what it is about. Make a creative title for your video, make it catchy, and make it short and sweet. When it comes to the description, I have found it beneficial to put a general description of what is in the video, or sometimes some foreshadowing. After that, put your social networking sites in there as well as your Youtube channel.

    Tags... YouTube's greatest invention. Fill up that tag box with as many tags related to that video as you can think of. Put as many tags in there as YouTube will allow. Tags are keywords for your video so that when someone searches one of those keywords, your video may pop up in the search list. This is another highly important factor in getting your videos noticed.

    Bonus Tip
    I put this as a bonus mainly because it isn't necessarily required, but at the same time it makes your channel look a LOT better. Have some decent equipment to record with. If you have the money, I highly suggest buying a capture card, a good microphone, and a good editing program. These can definitely help in the overall quality of your channel.

    I hope that these tips can help you on your way to becoming a successful Youtuber. If you have any tips that you would like to share, leave a comment below! Every great Youtuber started with 0 subscribers. Don't get yourself down, just keep working hard and loving the job. Good luck out there young Tubers!

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  1. NabzTheGamer
    Great tips, definitely coming going to be used in my videos and iv'e been trying to use better thumbnails and better quality videos and it helps. Thanks
  2. AGamersLifeHD
    this is actually really great
    ps. jacksepticeye has only been uploading for a couple years now though ;)
  3. FireBladeMC
    Nice tips!
  4. Gm3
    Nice thread!
    I really got rusty on promoting and my subs number got stuck, but I'm really trying to overcome this :D
  5. Aurian MoonRose
    These were some extremly helpful tips to get someone started on thier way to youtube fame. Not to mention you put a lot of thought into them and that makes them great and truth hitting tips. I try to incorporate a few of them into my show. but i'm more doing it for fun and to entertain the viewers and subscribers. If one person even like it then i win in my eyes. I do agree tho the sub for sub thing is not only garbage and stupid, but i dislike how needy and clingy those people try to be just to get known. do it with skill, personality and getting to know your community listen to what they say, and do it for them.
  6. ThisGuyPlays
    Wonderful and honest tips!!! ^^
  7. Sentenza Gaming
    Great tips, was really enjoyable to read!
  8. Ericthehysteric
    one thing I would love to see is big youtubers helping smaller channels not to seem rude to them but I don't see them do anything anymore then helping there friends irl get huge like them and I don't mean like lift them up and do the work I mean like just game with them for a ep or something or say hey you send me something I will give you a shout out to your channel or something but yeah all the stuff here is good stuff like I said before all I can say is don't give up and just keep at it you will only get better in time
  9. Ahmad
    This is very helpful tbh
      Mike Houston likes this.
  10. Ericthehysteric
    ive done a lot of this stuff sadly but gee is it hard to get subs it seems I mostly do lets plays and iam about to start doing ark but even with doing the tags right and the thumbnails my biggest issue is social media I just cant find out where to post other then twitter and facebook but yeah the tips are helpful and thanks for taking the talk to do it
      Mike Houston likes this.
    1. Mike Houston
      Don't worry man! Youtube takes time and effort to grow. Just be patient and keep on spreading the word about your channel. That's all you can do to grow a REAL community! Good luck bro! :)
      Mike Houston, Aug 14, 2015