10 Most Expensive Things YouTubers Bought

YouTube, content, views, more views, monetized views = Expensive purchases. Here's 10 expensive purchases that YouTuber's have made.
By GameOverViper, Published: Nov 9, 2017 | Updated: Jan 10, 2018 | | |
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  1. Here in my garage, just bought this new Lamborghini...

    People make money from YouTube. Its a fact. People don't necessarily understand how much money people make on YouTube though. That is, until there favorite YouTubers start uploading videos of the expensive cars, houses and other things they purchase with their YouTube earnings.

    It can be encouraging to see what these people are buying with earnings from YouTube. People don't necessarily understand how much they're making, but you get an idea once they show off the cars and houses.

    From Lamborghini, Corvettes, Nissan GTR's, houses, Rolex's, etc. From Roman Atwood to Logan Paul, the list goes on of people who are constantly showing off new expensive toys and things they've bought with the YouTube earnings.

    People also don't quite understand that they make these purchases, and create new videos based around the purchases because it creates hype, views, and with that hype and views brings more money from the advertising that was on those videos.

    Now, I'm not sure I'd even take my own advice, but some of these YouTuber's will probably be broke down the road from some of these spending habits. But who's to say they won't get rich again after a few more YouTube videos.

    Anyways, here's the video of 10 of the most expensive things YouTubers have bought. I'm going to go create a list of expensive things I need to buy when I start making this YouTube money.

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  1. StoutGaming
    Well maybe once I make my millions of dollars on YouTube I'll buy one too :p
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  2. Sherry
    ohmygoodness..congratz to them!! Hopefully, I can get there one day...long long very long time from now. one can dream, right? lol
  3. thinkgear
    Wow. Great life acievements :)
  4. krirechemourad
    hiiii send me a msg
  5. nikogeorgos
    xD a lot houses