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Package Description Cost Amount Cost Per... Slots
Text Inside First Post This will display a text ad inside the first post of a thread. 0.40 USD CPM 0/5 Create Ad
Footer 2.00 USD Day 0/1 Create Ad
Above Content 728x90 (728x90) This add is displayed on all pages just above the content. It is not to be confused with the Header banner. 0.95 USD CPM 1/3 Create Ad
Thread View Below Messages (728x90) Banner that will be displayed at the bottom of each forum thread. 0.95 USD CPM 1/5 Create Ad
After First Post in Thread (728x90) This ad will be displayed below the first post of every forum thread. 0.45 USD CPM 2/4 Create Ad
Sidebar Bottom (300x250) This premium ad position is at the bottom of the right sidebar and is 300x250 in size. This ad is displayed on all pages to all members except premium members and moderators. 0.65 USD CPM 5/5 Create Ad