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An automated system is marking videos as "Not suitable for all advertisers". This has already happened to big youtubers and it happened to me today. It seems like we need an alternative. I personally might give vidme a try, but it would be awesome if Twitch took over and started hosting gaming videos. I sent them an email suggesting this so if more people suggest it, maybe they will consider it. Thoughts?

Here's a video example from UberHaxorNova on youtube:
Sorry if this is in the wrong part of the forums but i really dont know where else to post this.

I have 3 cats, that are generally speaking, rather difficult to control when i'm recording. On the odd occasion that i'm recording they decide it's a good idea to clamber all over me/ my keyboard/my mouse. Do you guys think it's a good idea for me to edit it out when it happens or leave it in? I've edited it out when it's happened in the past, but i'm wondering if it would be ok to leave it in? I do record lets plays, and so things go wrong in the videos anyway. Your thoughts are very much appreciated!